Fitness Equipment

We have fitness equipment available at our studio for your convenience.

fitball excercise ballFitBall ExcerciseBall ®

Fit Balls increase flexibility and coordination, and help develop strength. Each ball includes a replacement plug and adapter. Constructed of high-quality vinyl construction with latitudinal ribs for easier grasping. Weight tested to hold upto 1,000 lbs. when properly inflated.

Ideal for strengthening and toning abdominal, back, chest, arms thighs, legs and buttocks, maximize stretching and increase flexibility, and improve balance and coordination. Helps develop sensory motor skills, improve balance and trunk stability, and perform a multitude of other exercises. Colorful, durable and easy to inflate, these balls are easy to clean and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Sizes: 55 cm, 65 cm and 75 cm

Price: $35.00 (includes pump)

Fitball available

You may place you order in-person at our studio or via phone or email. If you place your order via email we will contact you to complete your order.

6" diameter foam roller6" Diameter Foam Rollers

Product Features
• Solid, dense, closed-cell foam
• Non-skid, "grippy" surface
• Helps to develop core stability, strengthening, and balance

Can also be used for myofascial release
6" wide by 36" long

A foam roller that really holds its shape! Our foam roller is a high-performance, professional roller made of top-quality closed-cell foam, so it holds it round shape. It has non-skid, "grippy" surface that prevents sliding, improving the accuracy of movement. The versatile foam roller adds another dimension to mat exercises, and is a fundamental tool in Pilates, yoga, and myofascial massage therapy. Using the foam roller improves strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Foam rollers are 6" in diameter by 36" long, and weigh just over 2 pounds.

Discounts Available for Orders of 12 or more

Price: $20.00