Chiropractic Care on Union with Dr. Mark DuPaix

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Chiropractic is a modern form of holistic health care that treats and maintains the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. It addresses problems of the spine, the extremities, and the body's structural and neurological integrity. It is a highly effective treatment for acute and chronic conditions and increasingly more frequent repetitive strain and stress conditions caused by the modern work environment, and daily activities. Chiropractic utilizes a number of different forms of treatment including:

  • Gentle joint and soft tissue mobilization including connective tissue and
    myofascial release techniques
  • ART – Active Release Technique
  • Physical therapy and use of specific modalities
  • Somatic education
  • Exercise and rehabilitative instruction

To summarize: the relief of pain or dysfunction is by improving the function of the
body as a whole.

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Mark DuPaix, DC

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