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Pilates teaches balance and control of the body.
  • Increased muscle tone, strength and endurance without adding "bulk."

  • Improved posture, alignment, coordination, flexibility and muscular balance.

  • Helps to prevent injury by strengthening the postural muscles, especially "powerhouse" muscles (abdominals, lower back, thigh and buttocks.)

  • Flowing movement and integrated mind and body coordination

  • Enhanced energy and improved concentration

  • Efficient breathing with improved concentration

  • Overall emotional balance and feeling of well-being

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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a mind-body physical fitness system. It is challenging, rehabilitative and fun. Pilates exercises focus on strengthening the abdominals, spine and pelvis — the body's "postural core," as well as improving strength and flexibility of the legs and arms. Pilates teaches you to breathe with movement, to focus and execute movement efficiently and to work on coordination. In a typical session, the teacher will instruct appropriate exercises for you and give corrections on alignments and performance of the exercises.

What can Pilates do for me?
Pilates conditioning is a gentle yet very effective way to improve posture, balance, core strength and flexibility. People who practice Pilates regularly experience an increase in tone and muscle strength, better flexibility, increased stamina in everyday activities and a greater sense of well-being.

Who Does Pilates?
Anyone, at any age can do Pilates. Pilates teaches an overall consciousness of movement and your body. When utilized throughout a lifetime, it can help stave off injury and keep the body balanced and vibrant.

Pilates is utilized today by many dance schools and as training for professional athletes for performance enhancement and injury prevention.

The rehabilitative aspects of Pilates are numerous. Pilates is integrated in many physical therapy clinics. Individuals who are posture compromised (such as slumped over a computer for most of the workday) find that Pilates can assist with relieving pain in the back and neck. People suffering from chronic injuries or painful physical conditions find that Pilates is an effective way to care for their conditions and often feel it provides them tools to manage their injuries.